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We combine an easy, web-based platform with professional, one-on-one support.

Understand Your Business

When you request a quote or schedule a demo, the focus is on you. We take the time to understand your unique needs, so we can determine if we’re the best fit for your business.

Onboard Your Account

Once you engage our services, we’ll walk you step-by-step through the onboarding process. You don’t need to know everything (or really anything!) about payroll. We’re here to make this easy.

Run Payroll!

We’ve double-checked your account setup and trained you on our user-friendly platform. Now it’s time to process payroll! You’ll always have a knowledgeable, friendly specialist assigned to your account, so don’t worry. You’ll never be alone.


We’ve helped hundreds of businesses outsource payroll.

And the results speak for themselves.


As a small business owner new to the payroll process, I feel so lucky to have found Cirrus Payroll. Unlike so many other online business apps, Cirrus prides itself on customer service. From my initial conversations with President and Founder, Tyler Winn, to the many phone calls I've had since then with my customer service rep, Traci Egan, that personal touch has really helped put me at ease. In addition to taking care of all of our initial paperwork and handling all of our monthly filings, someone is always there to answer my questions and help figure out what makes the most sense for our business. I'd highly recommend Cirrus to any small business owner looking for help with payroll or just looking for a way to save time and resources.

Margaret Aery, Co-Owner
Ramona Optics

I have had a great experience with Cirrus. The team is very helpful and always available to answer any of my questions. I highly recommend this company.

Ellie Probasco, Owner
Probasco Law, P.A.

We have only been using Cirrus Payroll for a few months. However, they have been EXTREMELY easy to work with and are very supportive and customer service oriented! We couldn't be happier that we made the switch...which, by the way, was about as "seamless" of a transition as one could ever hope to have. The online interface it quite user friendly. Processing payroll is no longer a dreaded task! Thank you, CIRRUS PAYROLL!

Dorinda Hansen, Manager
Watermark Companies, LLC