A paycard they’ll love. Savings you deserve.


What Payroll Issues Are You Facing?

Maybe it’s a large, hourly workforce with high turnover. Or frequent— maybe even weekly— paper paycheck distribution. Or perhaps it’s employees who can’t participate in your direct deposit program because they don’t have traditional bank accounts. Each of these challenges adds up to a bloated payroll process that taxes your resources and weighs down your bottom line.

What’s The Solution?

The Powercash Card is an economical, efficient, and paperless payroll solution that significantly reduces payroll costs, streamlines your payroll processing, increases direct deposit participation, & helps employees keep more of their pay.

Employer Benefits:

  • Reduce costs
  • Expand direct deposit participation
  • Save time with each ACH funding
  • Minimize security risks
  • Immediate enrollment with instant-issue cards
  • Improve recruiting, retention, and productivity
  • Pay commissions, bonuses, and travel expenses
  • Increase program adoption with enrollment materials
  • Enjoy unparalleled support

Employee Benefits:

  • Prestige of a personalized Visa debit card
  • Global purchasing power – Use everywhere Visa debit is accepted
  • One free ATM withdrawal per pay period
  • One free bill pay per pay period
  • Mobile app
  • Surcharge-free Allpoint ATM network